Met-Bar, Lenzburg




Doom Metal · Black Metal · Neofolk · Melodic Death Metal

Samstag, 1. April 2023
Met-Bar · Niederlenzerstrasse 29 · 5600 Lenzburg

Einlass · Beginn
20:00 · 20:30

Weitere Infos

wazzara taufen ihre neue EP in der Met-Bar!

Unterstützt werden die Moongazer von Forced Shadow aus Schaffhausen.

Als Special gibt es zum Auftakt des Abends eine Solo Acoustic Performance von Barbara Brawand, der Schöpferin von wazzara.

Uniting Post-Metal, Doom, Blackgaze and Psychedelic Rock, wazzara is the culmination of a themed solo project from musician Barbara Brawand. Both dreamy and fierce, the Swiss band weaves spellbinding riffs into melancholic, moony and ethereal soundscapes.

Forced Shadow
Speaking of an obscured cover of heavy riffs, melting screams and thrashy drum-beats the band „Forced Shadow“ has appeared. The young band was formed in march 2019 out of a few musicians in Schaffhausen, Schwitzerland. A few of them well known from Ex-Deaththrone. Right after the formation, work was done on their debut EP. Forced Shadow have their place on stage. Loud. Melodic. Heavy. – A device, which You will get to feel live!

wazzara Solo Acoustic Performance
wazzara was brought to life in 2015 by Zurich-located composer and singer Barbara Brawand (ex-Caladmor, Between Giants, isôt estrange). While the full-fledged band offers a rich blend of dark, ethereal blackgaze and post metal, for this occasion she will perform an acoustic solo set. Her songs in their delicately condensed form will certainly aptivate the listener, taking us on an inward journey, mapped out by rhythms of natural forces, cycles that reveal the very foundation of our existence (words by Miles_A.way).