Love Bites - Def Leppard Tribute
Silvercube Lounge & Hardrock Lounge, Dielsdorf

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Hard Rock

Samstag, 14. Mai 2022
Silvercube Lounge & Hardrock Lounge · Ruchwiesenstrasse 5 · 8157 Dielsdorf

Einlass · Beginn
19:00 · 19:30
Silvercube Lounge & Hardrock Lounge

Weitere Infos

DEF LEPPARD European Tribute Band
Live Sa.14.Mai 2022
Doors 19.00h
Start 19.30h

Tickets 25Fr.

Silvercube Lounge & Hardrock Lounge
Ruchwiesenstrasse 5
8157 Dielsdorf


LOVE BITES – short bio
Love Bites were born in 2011, when 5 touring musicians in the area of
Milan (Italy) decided to create a unique tribute to the the legendary Def
Leppard, a hystorical band that nobody dared to tribute because of the
difficulEes in replicaEng their unique sound.
The band spent months in the studio, working hard to replicate the exact
sound and vocal harmonies that made Def Leppard sell millions of records
all over the world. In order to do so, they even bought original
instruments (like Phil Collen’s signature splaMer collecEon guitar) and,
once ready, they started to bring their show live.
In few years they became popular all across Italy and Europe for being the
only performing Def Leppard tribute, and they managed to hit many
world-famous stages (like Z7 Konzertclub in Switzerland).
Love Bites recreate with the highest fidelity the current Def Leppard show,
with the same setlist, same instruments and sound, accurate look and
show, and bring it to clubs and fesEval all across Italy and Europe. The
show includes many hits form the ’80, some older anthem and even songs
from the last albums. On special occasions they perform the enEre
Hysteria album, just like Def Leppard do in some tours.