Morbid Coal
Mehrspur, Zürich

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Progressive Metal

Freitag, 24. Mai 2019
Mehrspur · Förrlibuckstrasse 109 · 8005 Zürich

Einlass · Beginn
20:00 · 22:00

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Weitere Infos

Morbid Coal - "Dantes Inferno"
(Masterkonzert von Marc Friedrich)

„Are you prepared to be judged in this place though you think you’re without sin?“ - Lucifer

Melancholic and evil, violent and soft, emotional and powerful, complex and with a slight touch of musical drama.
Morbid Coal returns with a new sound of Progressive Metal combining heavy grooves and pop melodies. Adding darker sounds and with the focused use of complexity it can burst into nasty guitar riffs.
From selective curses of life the songs tell stories of insomnia induced struggles, an incarnation for the desire of power, humanities visions of perfection, and finally the strength of eternal love.

Inspired by the poem of Dante Alighieris’ divine comedy „Inferno“, the animated movie and the video game „Dantes Inferno“ Morbid Coal will perform an over 20 minutes prog epic conceptually based on the tale of Dante who descends the 9 rings of hell to save his beloved Beatrice from Lucifer. Come and witness this wild journey about love and suffering.

Marc Friedrich - Drums
Philipp Saner - Vocals, Guitar
Roberto Barlocci - Guitar
Yannick Urbanczik - Bass
Carlo Beltrame - Keys
Tiffany Limacher - Vocals

Progressive Metal

Doors: 20:00
Free Entry!

- 20:30 ConFuzion
- 22:00 Morbid Coal