Metzgerhalle, Luzern

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Thrash Metal · Post Hardcore · Rock'n'Roll

Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2019
Metzgerhalle · Baselstrasse 1 · 6004 Luzern

Einlass · Beginn
18:00 · 19:00
Thrasher Productions

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Thrasher Productions Presents:

MEGA MOSH 2019 @ Metzgerhalle, Luzern

18H Door
12fr Entry

• Disposable (Disposable)
- Scottish Thrash metal, on tour to celebrate the release of the new album "Suffocator" - From Edinburgh, Disposable bring great live energy, aggression, experience and fun to Metzgerhalle in May!

• Hanter Dro (Hanter Dro)
- Hanter Dro is a Post-Hardcore band from Lucerne, Switzerland. Their non-conformist style is raw and dark yet full of hope. As the music floats, sometimes quietly and almost weightlessly, emotional cries break through the perceived tranquillity. When the ruthless riffs and driving beats are let loose the noise becomes the basis for dynamic contrasts and causes a feeling of total intensity.

• Killjoy (killjoy.ch)
- Killjoy are a heavy, power punk, Rock N Roll crossover band with amazing energy and charisma! From Zurich, Killjoy combine many styles to create the ultimate punk party mash up!