Dust Bolt
Met-Bar, Lenzburg




Thrash Metal · Heavy Metal

Freitag, 22. März 2019
Met-Bar Niederlenzerstrasse 29 5600 Lenzburg

Einlass · Beginn
20:00 · 21:00



Weitere Infos

100% thrash attack right in your face!

Dustbolt is appearing for the first time in Lenzburg!
They have made themselves a superb name throughout the metal community in and outside of Europe. They will hit our stage for the first time and were super excited about it!

Coming from the boondocks, BLOODSPOT doesn’t know about what’s fancy. No christmas-tree, no scene, no rules. It’s all about brutality, groove, darkness and love.
The five piece metal beast from midwestern Germany has been bringing good old violent fun to the world since 2006. Living a DIY-attitude, BLOODSPOT have so far released a five-track-EP and three albums, always making sure to deliver angry, raw and dirty rock ‘n’ roll music. Their stubborn mix of Thrash-, Death-, Doom-, and Punk-sounds appears like an antithesis to our modern world, letting you know what high energy feels like. And it will hurt. Badly.

Mind Patrol - Thrash Metal - Label «In Your Face»: Mind Patrol - eingängige Melodien und sing-along-vocals in den Refrains. Das Schweizer Quartett wandert auf dem Grat zwischen Crunchiness und Komplexität und hat sich einen Namen als energische Live-Band gemacht. Das Debütalbum „Against All Predictions“, das 2018 veröffentlicht wurde, brachte der Band viele großartige Bewertungen ein und konnte damit internationale für Aufmerksamkeit sorgen.